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One Recipe for a Vocational Evaluation Report

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One Recipe for a Vocational Evaluation Report presents a valid approach to report development. You learn one technique for developing a vocational evaluation report after you have gathered all available relevant information via referral documentation; medical/psychological/educational reports; interviews; observations; testing (e.g., basic academic skill, aptitude, and dexterity/coordination); inventories (e.g., interest & occupational values/needs); work samples; situational assessments, etc. The course is structured in three parts: preparing evaluative data for analysis and synthesis, analyzing and synthesizing the evaluative data, finalizing the report. 
The subject matter expert for this course is CLINT DELONG, MA, CRC, CVE, CRV(D) is a Vocational Evaluator in Sarasota, Florida. He practices throughout the state, primarily in the public sector. 
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