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.CRCC Self-Assessment

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Use the 450 questions in this online self-assessment to check your understanding of the 12 knowledge domains. You can also prepare for the CRC Exam using the Timed Practice Assessment option in the CRCC Self-Assessment. Once you pass the CRC Exam, you will no longer have access to the self-assessment.
Disclaimer: The information presented in the CRCC Self-Assessment is based on the CRC Exam Knowledge Domains and is for informational purposes only. The self-assessment questions are to be used to study and review for the CRC Exam. Exam content review, methods of study, tips and sample questions are only recommendations from CRCC and does not guarantee passing the CRC Exam. CRCC has made reasonable efforts to provide current and accurate information through a peer review process. CRCC will not be held liable for any unintentional errors or omissions that may be found.

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CLINT DELONG, MA, CRC, CVE, CRV(D) is a Vocational Evaluator in Sarasota, Florida. He practices throughout the state, primarily in the public sector.