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Ethics: Working with Students with Disabilities

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5.00 Ethics
Higher education for many college students can be a daunting experience. Students with disabilities may find navigating the terrain of colleges and universities difficult, especially when support is not identified and utilized on campus. CRCs working with students with disabilities in secondary settings may be mental health and vocational counselors. Once the student is in a postsecondary setting, the CRC may be a disability resources counselor and must be aware of all available resources. As the student with disabilities transitions to employment and independent living, the collaborative effort between the counselor and client can present challenges, including perspectives and expectations from parents, teachers, and community partners that influence the counseling dynamic. CRCs are aware of ethical dilemmas that occur with their clients, but those dilemmas can become magnified when working on teams and working across agencies in pursuit of the client’s employment and independent living goals. CRCs should refer to the CRCC Code of Professional Ethics for Rehabilitation Counselors (Code) whenever such dilemmas occur. This ethics course presents ethical dilemmas associated with college students with disabilities. You’ll analyze case studies designed to help you prepare students with disabilities for the climate of a college campus. Several case studies focus on ethical dilemmas associated with academic accommodation in college and university settings. You’ll also explore the ethical considerations related to preparing students with disabilities for employment and independent living environments. Ethical-legal issues in the workplace are presented in case studies featuring CRCs serving on a mental health response team. You’ll also analyze ethical dilemmas connected to advocacy and social justice issues. Use the Code when working with college students with disabilities to address ethical dilemmas inherent to both the climate of a college campus and transition to post-college employment and independent living; better understand how to apply the information in the Code to your practice; and guide your decision-making. Earn 5 CRCC pre-approved CRC CE clock hours in Ethics or 5 general hours toward CVE renewal. 
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